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We are Dark Horse Designs

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We are a team of web gurus with 20+ years of experience in the industry. From website design to digital marketing, our team of experts will assist you in taking all of your online & marketing needs to the next level.

What matters the most to us

Seeing the end of the poorly designed websites & used templates that fail hard. We believe every business deserves to have a custom coded website, that is not templated - PERIOD! This is why at Dark Horse Designs we hand code every website we develop from scratch. Each website is tailored made towards our client’s brand & target audience. Our motto is “Always Custom, never templated!”

What we do

We code & design custom websites, create logos, brochures, business cards, & other promotional materials. We assist our customers with online branding, marketing, organic search engine optimization, advertising, photography & more. We provide hosting, email & managed services so you are never left alone in the dark.

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